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Baking Classes 

Classes are $65.00 per adult and $35.00 per child, aged 13 and under. All classes must be paid in advance, via cash, check or credit card. Come in or call the bakery at (207)773-2253, or send check to: Scattoloni Bakery, 1 Monument Way, Suite 2, Portland, Maine 04101

**All classes are hands on, and are limited in size by class to ensure that all students get equal time and opportunity to maximize instruction from the Chef.

private courses

Please inquire at the bakery for any private courses by calling us at (207)773-2253. The perfect opportunity for large groups up to 12 people. Perfect for businesses, teen groups, girl/boy scouts, bridal parties, or any group interested in team building and collaborative tasks. 

All classes begin at 9:00am, and run until 1:00pm on each respective Sunday 

I find that a lot of the work that I do has a very special soothing effect on my overall wellbeing. As an example, kneading bread dough, and shaping pastries out of dough, has a therapeutic feel to it. I believe that this is a very healthy aspect of this profession, and is the primary reason I have added extra bread, and pastry classes to this schedule. Everything we do, I feel, is connected to our bodies and spirits, so here’s to a happy and healthy New Year! Let’s make some bread!! A quote from Andrea Swanson - Owner

Bread Basics, Limited to 8 people per class. This class has been extremely popular, so I will teach it consecutively on. In this class, among other things, you will learn how to make a basic loaf of bread. I will explain the reasons for different flours used in the same loaf of bread, and how all of the ingredients work together to produce each loaf. We will also focus on various shaping techniques, and touch on some simple, quick bread to make at home for your family, such as pizza dough, focaccia, and breadsticks.

Cake Assembly and Decoration. Limited to 6 people per class. This class is being offered on. This class is perfect for those of you who want to present professional looking cakes to your family and friends! I will show you how to slice, ice and decorate a cake for literally any occasion.

Scones, Tea Cakes and Tarts, Limited to 8 people per class. Offered on. In this class, we will make classic scones, and tea cakes for entertaining small parties in your home.

Traditional Italian Staples, Limited to 8 people per class. Offered on. There are a plethora of Italian pastries and desserts, that most of my relatives would say are a must, just to have in the house, “In case….”. The list is long and varies from family to family, so here are a few of my own favorites I feel you’ll enjoy!

Classic Croissant Dough, limited to 8 people per class. This class is being offered on, to accommodate as many as I can! This class requires strength and stamina, as well as attention to detail. Professionals who want to learn this technique, or hone your skills, please join us!! This is one of my favorite classes to teach, and represents my true love for this profession.

Breakfast Pastries, limited to 8 people per class. This class is being offered on. Ok, so I said Croissants were my favorite, and they are…but, the next best thing is OTHER breakfast pastries!! This class will be dedicated to some simple, but fancy breakfast pastries that you can make at home for special occasions (like Easter), or just for every day, because baking for someone is another way to say I LOVE YOU!!

Individual Pastries, limited to 8 people per class. This class is being offered on. In this class, I will show you how to make some simple but spectacular individual desserts to present as gifts, or to your family as a dessert for every day.

Pies and Tarts, limited to 8 people per class. This class is being offered on. With all of the fruit (and vegetables), available in the summer months right here from local farms, I have several ideas about how to use them in a delicious and healthy way!!

More Bread!! Limited to 8 people per class. This class is being offered. This will be a little different from the previous bread classes, and we will explore a little with some sourdoughs, and more European style breads.