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Baking Classes 

Join us for an afternoon of fun and learning, whether you are the kind of cook who burns brownies from a box or are a budding Julia Child, all are welcome.  Courses typically span four hours covering a particular theme and the attendees will leave the class with their handmade creations.  Please call the shop or request in person to reserve a slot. 

Every other Sunday 9am-1pm

$65.00 a course for adults $30.00 for children 16 and younger 



Adult classes


Classes are closed for the rest of the Holiday season.

We will start them back up again in January.

As soon as we know what the new schedule will be, we will post it on here ASAP.

Thank you all so much for your continued interest in joining these classes!!








Private courses 

The perfect opportunity for large groups up to 12 people. Perfect for businesses, teen groups, girl/boy scouts, bridal parties, or any group interested in team building and collaborative tasks.  


Lamination: Classes in the art of making croissant and puff pastry.

Cake decoration: Learn how to finish a cake using buttercream to create flowers, roses and chocolate to create delicate scrollwork.

Introduction to Bread: From homey classic focaccia to our rustic prairie bread loaf , we will explore the magic you can make with yeast, water, flour and time.

Pies: Unlocking the mystery of a perfect pie crust and fillings from baked fruit to custard and meringues.